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Mouth Guards

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Tiny Teeth Need Protection

At Coastal Pediatric Dentistry®, we’re all about working hard and playing harder! We hope that you encourage your kids to put themselves out there and try new things – whether that’s trying out for the local Little League team, learning jujitsu, or starting a lemonade stand.

While every activity should be thoroughly considered before diving in, some require more protection than others – especially when it comes to your teeth (although too much lemonade can definitely cause tooth decay). A custom mouth guard from Coastal Pediatric Dentistry® offers the highest level of protection so you can cherish those baby teeth for as long as possible.

Don’t settle for store-bought

While, yes, there are stock mouth guards that you can buy at any sporting goods store, they don’t compare to the value and level of protection that you get from a custom mouth guard from Coastal Pediatric Dentistry®. A custom mouth guard offers a better, more comfortable fit (so they might actually wear it), and a custom design molded to fit their mouth perfectly for the highest level of protection against concussions and sports-related oral injuries. Let’s keep those teeth in their heads, yes?

The American Dental Association recommends mouth guards for all contact sports, especially for the following:

  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Ice & field hockey
  • Lacrosse

New research actually recommends for mouth guards for non-contact sports including gymnastics, soccer and basketball. At Coastal Pediatric Dentistry®, we recommend a mouth guard for any sport where they could potentially sustain an injury to the face or head. Better safe than sorry, right?

Drop us a line!

If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist that’s gentle, fun, compassionate, and great with kids, you’ve come to the right place. If you have any questions about mouth guards, or would like to schedule an appointment with your Bolivia pediatric dentists – Dr. Cecilia Liu, Dr. Nichole Ramsbottom, Dr. Jennifer Sielski, Dr. Caitlin Ferguson and Dr. Angie Baechtold at Coastal Pediatric Dentistry® – give us a call today at (910) 444-2368.

3067 Southport Supply Rd SE
Bolivia, NC 28422

Call Today! (910) 444-2368
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