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Why Pediatric Dental Crowns Instead of Fillings?

There are many reasons for pediatric dental crowns. A large amount of decay or a fracture to the tooth are the most common reasons for pediatric dental crowns. Rather than filling a cavity, a dental crown helps to protect the entire tooth.

Your child’s first and second molars come in between the ages of 2-3 and last 10-12 years. Dental crowns on the child’s molars, or any other baby teeth, allow the teeth to last for their lifetime expectancy.

Coastal Pediatric Dentistry offers several types of crowns including stainless steel crowns and white “tooth-colored” crowns.


Stainless steel dental crowns

The most commonly used crowns by dentists are stainless steel dental crowns. This type of dental crown is often used for posterior (back) molars. These are durable, strong, and resistant to moisture and a child’s growing and developing mouth.

Cubic zirconia dental crowns

Cubic zirconia dental crowns (white crowns) are made with tooth colored material. These can be used on front or back teeth!

How can I help prevent tooth decay?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Brush your child’s teeth twice a day. Always brush teeth for 2 full minutes.
  2. Clean between your child’s teeth daily with floss.
  3. For younger children that want to brush their own teeth; allow them to brush first, then follow behind them to ensure that all teeth were properly cleaned.
  4. Encourage healthy habits. Keep meals nutritious and balanced, and limit snacking.
  5. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting juice to 4oz a day or less, including watered down juice for children ages 2 years and up. For children under 1 year old, the AAP now recommends not giving any juice at all.

If you have any questions about pediatric dental crowns or would like to schedule a consultation for your child, please get in touch with your Bolivia pediatric dentists, Dr. Cecilia Liu, Dr. Nichole Ramsbottom, Dr. Jennifer Sielski, Dr. Caitlin Ferguson and Dr. Angie Baechtold at Coastal Pediatric Dentistry® today!

3067 Southport Supply Rd SE
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