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When Wisdom Teeth Aren’t So Wise

Did you ever wonder why wisdom teeth are called wisdom teeth? Is it because they possess some sort of magical powers that make you smarter? If you have them extracted, do you get dumber? The truth is, wisdom teeth are called wisdom teeth because they generally start to come in between the ages of 17 and 21 – when a person is (usually) old enough to have gained some knowledge and wisdom about life. However, wisdom teeth generally tend to cause more problems than they can solve with all of that so-called “wisdom”.

Wisdom teeth can sometimes start causing problems well before they’ve erupted. Even below the gum line, they can cause alignment and spacing problems for the rest of their teeth. Wisdom teeth may be the reason your child’s teeth are so crowded. They can also be misaligned themselves causing them to be impacted and painful. If your child is having wisdom tooth related problems, it may be in their best interest to have them extracted. Don’t worry, extractions with Dr. Liu and Dr. Ramsbottom are routine and painless.

Other reasons for extractions

If your child has experienced significant tooth decay, or broken a tooth that is beyond the point of repair, we may need to extract it in their best interest. We know that a tooth extraction can be scary, but Dr. Liu and Dr. Ramsbottom will be sure to explain everything, answer all of your questions, and put your little one at ease for a smooth procedure.

We use a combination of anesthesia and sedation to put your little bundle of joy to sleep so they won’t feel a thing. They will feel happy and tingly as they drift off to sleep, and when they wake up, it will all be over. We will be sure to give you specific post-op instructions to follow to ensure the fastest, most comfortable recovery.

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If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist that’s gentle, fun, compassionate, and great with kids, you’ve come to the right place. If you have any questions about tooth extractions, or would like to schedule an appointment with your Bolivia pediatric dentists – Dr. Cecilia Liu, Dr. Nichole Ramsbottom, Dr. Jennifer Sielski, Dr. Caitlin Ferguson and Dr. Angie Baechtold at Coastal Pediatric Dentistry® – give us a call today at (910) 444-2368.

3067 Southport Supply Rd SE
Bolivia, NC 28422

Call Today! (910) 444-2368
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